Elite Class – Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System


The Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System is known as the elite class among the coffee makers produced by Keurig. It is known as such because of the design and make of the coffee maker. It is also a mid-range priced coffee maker sold at Keurig. Is it worth its price? Read on and find out.

The Elite Brewing System

The Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System is a single-brew coffee maker. The coffee maker may also be used to produce other beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, or iced beverages. All of these can be done in under a minute. The coffee maker can serve two cup sizes – 8oz and 10oz. It also has water reservoir that can hold up to 48 oz. of water. This also comes with Keurig’s patented quiet-brew technology ensuring minimal noise when in use. The Keurig B40 Elite also has a removable drip tray which can be cleaned very easily.

This product is currently priced at around $120. Its design sets it apart from other coffee makers. Its priming time is also considerably lower compared to other coffee makers. This coffee maker only needs about 4 minutes of priming before the first use whereas other coffee makers need about 15 minutes before the first use.

This coffee maker uses Keurig’s K-cups which hold various flavours of coffee. The K-cups are sold at Keurig and may be viewed in their website. This product comes with 12 randomly chosen K-cups.

Reviews and Feedbacks

The Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System holds up to its name as the elite class. People who used the product were very satisfied with its performance. Many users mentioned that the pricing of the coffee maker is very much a bargain because of all the features that it brings. Users also said that the coffee maker is very easy to use and does everything almost automatically. Other users also praised the quickness of the coffee maker in preparing the drinks while there are those who praised the durability of the machine even after years of day to day service.

For the negative feedbacks, users pointed out the fact that the machine only serves two cup sizes. Other users pointed out the noise the machine creates although other users claim that the machine makes only minimal noise.


The Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System is definitely a must have for any kitchen space. Whether in the office or simply at home, this coffee maker will work wonders. The versatility of the machine is simply well worth its price. Its other features such as its energy savings mode effectively reduce the electricity consumption of the machine. Furthermore, the quiet-brew technology works very well. It allows the use of the machine even in very quiet areas such as school libraries. This coffee maker holds up its name as the coffee maker for the elite class. It serves its purpose well as an affordable gourmet style coffee maker. Buy it now and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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